Society & Culture

Museum : Chandrashekhar Singh Sangrahalay

    Total number of archaeological remains in this museum is 178. Various statues of Lord Vishnu, Lord Bhudha, Goddess Uma, Durga, Surya, ancient rocks and terracotta seals etc. are available. 

Musical Tradition
    The musical tradition of the district was rich in the past and is getting enriched in present times also. The name of Sri Rudranarayan Singh, retd. headmaster deserves to be included in those personalities who have been responsible for enriching the cultural life of the common people of Jamui, by spreading the cultural values by means of classical music. In the past two the decades Sri Bajrang Lal Gupta has worked as an A.I.R. artist of light classical music. Sri Jyotrindra Kumar, Dr. Anjubala, Smt.Sujata Kumari, Kumar Amitabh, Sri Chandan Gupta, Sri Shailesh Kumar, Smt. Abha Singh, Sri Anil Pathak etc. are making a significant contribution towards the upliftment of music in Jamui district.

    Jamui has been a fertile ground for man of literature and poets . Jamui has a rich literary lineage. Dr.Awadh Kishore Sinha, Dr.Shyamanand Prasad have held the flag of literature high. This has been ably kept up and continued by a Galaxy of young poets and writers such as Prof Dr. Jagrup Prasad, Prof. Dr. Sunil Yadav, Prof. Sukhdev Thakur, Prof. Prabhat Sarsij, Dr. Giridhar Acharya, Prof. Brajnandan Modi. Jamui has been glorified by versatile achievements of the literarary effort of Pt. Jagannath Pd.Chaturvedi. Begining with his Majesty Rameshwar Pd. Singh up to Kumar Ranbir Singh comprises a long list of ancient poet of the district, who wrote in Braj Bhasha. The contributions of more reccent poets like Braj Vallabh Chaturbedi, Smt. Kishori, Late Kiran Ji, Tripurari Singh Matwala, Deverendra Malaypuri, Prabhat Sarsij, Vinay Asham, Dr. Mashum Ahmad, Dr. S . N. Jha, Dr. Lalit Kumar Singh, Dr. U. P. Singh, etc. have brought laurels to the district of Jamui. Pt. Jagannath Pandey holds the pride of place in the field of sanskrit literature and astrology . Mr. Binay Kumar, Journlist, also hold the pride of place who covered the news of 7th world Hindi conference held at Surinam as only Journalist from Bihar and Jharkhand.

    Jamui District is progressing very fast in the field of sports and games. The organizations like Jamui District Amateur Athletics Association, District Football Association, District Women Football Association, District Cricket Association, District Kabaddi Association etc. are actively participating in promotion of games and sports. The existence of such large number of associations and organizations concerned with such a large variety of sports & games points to the vitality, interest & involvement of the local people in these fields. The leadership provided by Lt. Parasnath Bariyar, Tapeshwar Pd. Bariyar, Hoda Sahed, Kamta Pd. Singh, Nathu Ram and Kedar Pd. Singh in field of sports and games had raised the position of Jamui to the State level as early as two or three decades ago.

Kabaddi & Gulli danda is popular indigenous games of the district. Football and Cricket are also played everywhere .Men & Women football tournament & cricket tournament is being organized at district level annually. A tournament of chess has to be organized annually by district sports authority. 

Recently 1st District Level Athletics Meet, 11th State Level President Cup Football Tournament, Late Shukra Das Cricket Tournament has been organized successfully. 

There are two stadiums namely Sri Krishna Singh Stadium, Jamui & Kumar Surendra Pratap Singh Stadium, Giddhour and one Special Area Game Centre at Giddhour in the district.